Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Personal Chalkboards for Grandkids

Jess, Ryan and 4 children came for the weekend. In a perfect world we would have been able to go outside and sled, build a snowman, go to the barn to see the cats, anything to use up bottled up energy....but a perfect world it is not...with a 25 below wind chill we were confined to the house. Time for a kid project!! We decided on their own personal blackboards for their bedroom doors. Patterns were made for a skirt board for the girls and a tee shirt board for Justin. Supplies were gathered up and a project was underway.
Tracing out pattern.

Making the cuts.

Sanding the rough edges.

Adding the chalkboard spray paint.

Nailing on the hanger and chalkholder.
The finished product.
The next time they come we tackle a project with the
sewing machine.


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