Thursday, May 10, 2012

From a Lemon to Lemonade

Time again for an oil change [2500 miles roll around to quickly] which means a trip into Hecla to Zastrow's Service. Upon pulling in I spot a packing pallet laying up against a pile of tractor tires. Hmmmm, I wonder what Matt has planned for that. Now most people may not pull into the service station, find the owner and proceed to ask "Can I have that....I'll take it off your hands...for free!" As I have mentioned in a previous post Matt is my Bro. He is one year older and my tormentor growing he owes me...Right!!! I'm sure he didn't want to part with it but I gave him that Zastrow/Casper evil eye look and he said "Sure, I will throw it in Harold's pickup." OK...that makes up for listening into  phone conversations with  my girl friends and then making animals sounds. "MOM..make Matt get off the phone." So home it went....and laid.

My plans were to use it as the starting point for a table ... fill in the top, add legs, brace it and add a coat of white paint. Via photos here is the process.
OK...yes that is Harold's hand but he only helped me a tenny wenny bit.

Ready for the paint and then service.

 Add a vintage bench and chairs.

 Stop by for fruit and wine.

One day while meeting up with sis Mary in Aberdeen, she gave me this lovely quilt top. When she handed it to me I thought, Bingo...I know what I will use that for. Thanks Mary!!

That concludes the movie of  "From a lemon to lemonade."
Please exit through the rear.

[Note: I love my Brother dearly. Just sayin.]

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beautiful Cottage Homes

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