Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Flea Season off and raining...I mean running.

Memorial weekend was the opening of the 2012 Shady Hollow Flea Market season and what a weekend it was. Rain, cold, rain, mud, pouring rain, water everywhere, wind, sheets of rain, tornado sirens, did I mention that it rained....well that kind of wraps it up. But with that said there were plenty of people ready to shop and shop they did. The weekend really was a blurr to me and memories are not so good so I'm going to skip right over that to the second  market. Sunday morning was a lovely morning with just a few misty spells and a nice crowd of people. All the vendors were in good spirits and shoppers were on the hunt for what they needed, wanted or something that just caught their eye. My goal is to have all three. Sales were brisk and I sold, sold, sold and that makes me happy, happy, happy!!

 These photos were taken sat evening after I had finished my setup.
On Sunday morning I roll up the canopy sides and let the sun in.

 Lovely peonies from my garden.

This coming weekend will be extra special as Sis Mary will be making the trip with me. She will meet me in Hecla on Friday and we will shop all the way to DL, spend the night in my building and I will start setting up early Saturday morning and when she rises we will head into the city for breakfast and more shopping. Well that is the plan....but plans can go south. Keep Shady Hollow in mind when you are making summer weekend plans.