Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Project

Daughter Jessica and I were shopping for something to put on top of her new buffet, vintage..of course..from my private furniture stash. She had found a pair of large, chunky candlesticks that she "LOVED" but the price made us both gasp....and walk away. She decided that it wouldn't hurt to look a bit more or play the lotto. Hubby and I returned home and I continued to think about her desire....and then I went to work. I purchased a pair of ugly brass lamps and a tiered serving tray that I thought would work well for my next project.The following photos will tell the story of the process.

Pr of brass lamps and lazy susan tray.
all are
dismantled and unnecessary parts removed
after deciding what parts would stay and what
parts would go they were  
reassembled and several coats of white spray paint added.
The finished product.
    Not exactly like the ones she had picked out....
but they will work until her lotto win.

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