Monday, March 19, 2012

A Man and his Tires!

My brother Matt and his lovely wife Maria own and operate a full service station in our town of  Hecla. While Matt has the ability to fix anything, and I mean anything, a large part of his business is selling tires at Zastrow Service.  On any given day he will sell small riding lawn mower tires to super jumbo tractor tires and everything in between. With business being brisk he has amassed a bit of a pile of old worn out tires. Now being a thoughtful sister I like to find & email pics of "repurposed" tires to him....does he appreciate my effort...I highly doubt it. That of course does not detour me from my quest. Below is the "Tire Story" via pics from the net.

A small pile...

quickly grows to a huge pile.

Repurposed as planters.

How about these cute little living seats.

Or a tire basket.

Rubber roof.

Tire yard furniture.

The old staple...tire swing.

Or its more modern cousin, the tire horse.

Stack em, paint em and put in flowers.

A creative L.A. woman constructed this tire garden.

Tire Tree art.

Tire and rope sandals.

The tire wall planter.

We have all had a tire sanbox....right?

Turn them inside out, cut a fancy edge and add a bright color.

Some day you"ll thank me Bro!!


  1. is there any plans on how to make the horse tire swing?

  2. Which type of paint do you use??? what do you use to prepare the tyres for painting?